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BYU College of Nursing Welcomes its Newest Cohort

BYU Nursing Students, Winter 2024 Cohort
BYU Nursing Students, Winter 2024 Cohort

BYU College of Nursing embraces a dynamic and talented Winter 2024 cohort, reflecting a diverse group of individuals ready to learn the Healer’s art. The newly admitted class comprises 66 students, 5 males and 61 females, all of which demonstrate the academic excellence that BYU is known for.

Hailing from 20 different states and three foreign countries, this class brings a rich tapestry of cultural perspectives to the nursing program. Interestingly, 32 students among them are proficient in a second language. Some include Spanish, Portuguese, French, Russian, Slovak, Japanese, Swedish, Tagalog, Hungarian, Mandarin, and Hmong.

The cohort's academic excellence is highlighted by an impressive average GPA of 3.77, demonstrating the high standards maintained by both the students and the nursing program.

The Winter 2024 cohort of BYU nursing students bring a wealth of experiences, perspectives, and skills that will undoubtedly enrich the educational journey and contribute to the future success of the nursing profession. As they embark on this transformative path, The College of Nursing stands ready to cheer on these aspiring healthcare professionals.