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College of Nursing Celebrates Envisioning BYU Scholarship Contest Winners

Empowered by the profound impact of John and Susan Tanner’s compelling BYU forum address, Dean Jane Lassetter initiated the Envisioning BYU Scholarship Contest, offering students in the College of Nursing a chance to participate by submitting essays that address poignant questions: What is my role and responsibility in contributing to the school's destiny, What can I do to live up to the privilege of being here? How can I help fulfill the dream of BYU?

We express our gratitude to all those who submitted essays. We were impressed by their thoughtful reflections. Many focused on service to each other and the community; from service as simple as a smile to creating a new Y-Serve program for individuals with disabilities.
Dean Jane Lassetter

The College of Nursing is thrilled to announce the winners of the contest:

Meg Smith

1st Place Winner, $500 Scholarship

Carter Bird

2nd Place Winner, $300 Scholarship

Kelsey Parker

3rd Place Winner, $200 Scholarship

McKenzie Stones

Honorable Mention, $100 Scholarship

Meg Smith, our first-place winner, eloquently conveyed her dedication to upholding BYU as a Christlike refuge. "If I do not minister to my neighbors, who will? The best way I can honor the privilege of attending this school is to infuse every action with love," she passionately stated, emphasizing the transformative impact of small acts of kindness.
Carter Bird, our second-place winner, shared a poignant reflection on his initial challenges at BYU. "When my peers put in their small efforts to fulfill BYU’s destiny, I saw the light and love of Christ," he recalled, underlining the power of a supportive community.

Kelsey Parker, our third-place winner, provided a compelling narrative of how BYU's dream influences her patient interactions. "BYU's dream isn't just about academic excellence; it's about fostering individuals who carry the torch of compassion and understand that healing extends beyond medicine to include spiritual and emotional care," she expressed.

The winning essays resonate with gratitude for an environment that nurtures holistic development, aligning seamlessly with the university's vision of preparing well-rounded individuals to contribute meaningfully to their fields and the broader community.

McKenzie Stones encapsulated this sentiment, noting, "Attending BYU is a blessing and privilege that has impacted my eternal destiny. My experience at this university has lifted me to higher spiritual, personal, and educational heights. In return, I strive to lift BYU through my own sphere of influence."
As we celebrate these remarkable essays, the Envisioning BYU Scholarship Contest not only acknowledges academic excellence but also underscores the profound impact of students embodying the spirit and mission of BYU in their daily lives.

The College of Nursing is honored to boast such inspiring and insightful students in our program. We extend our heartfelt congratulations to these individuals on their well-deserved scholarships.