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Dr. Corinna Tanner’s “Culture of Caring” Video Series Attracts Remarkable Viewership

On November 6, 2023, Dr. Corinna Tanner’s “Culture of Caring” video series was uploaded to YouTube and has now accumulated over six thousand views all together. The series provides practical suggestions for nurses, CNAs, and other caregivers to preserve dignity and enhance care for older adults residing in long-term care settings. Each video showcases examples of ineffective and effective approaches when interacting with older individuals in long-term care.

One of the most popular videos demonstrates how to help older adults bathe in a way that is respectful and comfortable for them. Dr. Tanner emphasizes the importance of maintaining the dignity and agency of older adults during bathing routines, recognizing that these intimate tasks can often be challenging for both caregivers and residents. Through her gentle guidance and practical tips, she demonstrates how simple adjustments in approach and environment can significantly improve the experience for all involved.

"No human being should ever live in a facility. We are meant to live in homes- not 'home-like facilities'- actual homes," said Dr. Tanner. "My undergraduate team and I worked with national "culture change" experts to compile strategies to help nurses create homes for the people they care for. We want to shift nursing care of older adults away from an institutional culture to one of genuine connection and caring."

The "Culture of Caring" series serves as a valuable resource for caregivers seeking to improve their interactions with older adults in long-term care settings. Through clear examples and thoughtful insights, Dr. Tanner demonstrates the transformative power of person-centered care in preserving dignity and enhancing the quality of life for residents. As the video series continues to gain traction and influence within the caregiving community, we hope it will make a lasting impact on the way the community approaches care for older adults.

The College of Nursing commends Dr. Tanner for her outstanding accomplishments and looks forward to seeing what else she has in store for caregivers.

The full “Culture of Caring” video series can be found here.


Dr. Corinna Tanner

Dr. Corinna Trujillo Tanner joined the Brigham Young University College of Nursing as an Assistant Professor in 2019, after completing her PhD and a two-year National Institutes of Health Research Fellowship in cancer, aging and end of life. She maintains an ongoing clinical practice at the University of Utah Moran Eye Center, where she has worked for 10 years creating a curriculum designed to help individuals with vision loss maintain their independence and quality of life. She holds post master’s certificates in Gerontology, Adult Nurse Practitioner training and an International Certificate in Caring and Healing. She is passionate about guiding students in honoring and fostering late life potential, creating an age-inclusive culture, and changing what it means to be blind.